Some Questions We Get From Time To Time

Q: Should I buy my iPhone or iPad case from Fun Panda?
A: You should do what makes you happy. If having a high quality, unique case made from sustainable product is your thing, we can’t wait to help you.

Q: Why are your cases less expensive than (company)?
A: While it’s true that we are about half the price of our closest competitor, we couldn’t even begin to guess why. We don’t know other companies’ overhead, their business models, or their marketing strategies. We love doing what we’re doing and are happy providing you value.

Q: What cases are available?
A: Panda cases are available for iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5, and the iPhone 6 is on it’s way.

Q: When are you going to make cases for Blackberry, Kindle, etc?
A: We are constantly monitoring market share and trends in mobile devices. When other devices reach a point where there is a true market for our product, we will spend the time and money necessary to meet that need.

Q: Will my non-Apple accessory fit your headphone jack and/or charger port?
A: Is maybe an acceptable answer? Our cases are designed using Apple’s accessories as the standard. Many aftermarket accessories will work, but not all. Even if you bought it at the Apple store, it might not fit. Test its size. If it’s the same size or smaller than Apple’s it will work. If it’s bigger, it probably won’t. If you’re handy with a Dremel, no worries.

Q: Will the solid case affect my iPhone camera’s flash?
A: Unfortunately yes, all hard cases (no matter the manufacturer) will slightly affect your flash in low light settings.

Q: If I drop my case will it break?
A: Depends. If you drop it onto concrete from several feet high, probably. If you drop it on carpet from the same distance, probably not. The case will protect your phone, but one drawback of natural products is that if you drop them on a hard surface, they might crack.

Q: Is it normal that my case is too tight / too loose?
A: You know how a ring is loose on your finger during the winter and tight during the summer? Panda cases, like all natural products, work the same way. In cooler temperatures, the case will shrink slightly. In warmer climates, the case will expand. The best way to make sure it continues to fit your device is to keep it on your device.

Q: I bought the same case as my friend. Will they look the exact same?
A: Nope, isn’t that awesome? While the general design will be nearly identical, differences in the bamboo, engraving, and hand staining process make each case unique. Enjoy your own personal snowflake.

If we didn’t answer your question, please contact us. As more questions get asked, we’ll continue to update this page.